“Older dies” Discovery (Part 2)

As suggested in “Older dies” Discovery Part 1, the hypothesis of “older dies” will be put into test.

I found a mixed result when I put every Terran unit into test. The older unit did not always die in my experiment. Nevertheless, it is true that units with projectile attack animation will always kill each other. For example, viking, marauder and battle cruiser.

There  are several possible explanations.

1: Whether an unit is older does affect the battle outcome, but there are other moderating factors.

2: There are other reasons, which are unrelated to whether one unit is older. For example, which unit is given the “attack” command first?

3: It is just random.

I will think about possibility 1 and 2 by proposing alternative hypotheses. However, even if I do not find support for possibility 1 and 2, it is hard to conclude that possibility 3 must be true. This is because I just may not find the right factors. Perhaps, there  are several factors may affect the outcome. This makes it difficult to be conclusive unless I can identify all these factors and justify them.

A part of me wants that I should put in some thinking time and conduct an intensive section of testing. Another part of me just wants to conclude that it is pure random, and I can put this matter to rest. (That is, there may be a part 3.)

What do you think?

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