Season 1 2013 WCS Groupings and Race Distribution


World Championship Series 2013 gets off to a turbulent start, and has now moved on to the next phase. WCS Korea has completed its Ro16 group nomination, while the other two regions have just getting started for their Ro32 matches. Although there are quite a number of controversies in regards to the final 32 players in America and Europe, the groupings are final and will not be changed. This post provides a summation of the list of players who got their names down in the world’s most prestigious Starcraft II tournament.

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TvP late game phenomenon: an empirical perspective

TvP is arguably the most frequently discussed match up in the current metagame. At a point, it was said that the match up is imbalance and favors Protoss. The current understanding is that Protoss has an advantage in the late game, while Terran has to leverage their strength in the early and mid game.

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