Update: TL Strategy, HvG TL and travel

TL strategy

This is a personal update post (sort of Starcraft related).

Team Liquid Strategy

I have recently joined the Team Liquid Strategy team.

In short, It’s the team that provides strategy write up on teamliquid.net. I mainly want to enlarge my circle of friends in Starcraft, so this seems like a great fit for me. Probably they want a Terran to their Protoss dominated group too.

I will be posting with “Maxilicious”.

You may have noticed that TL Strategy articles are usually collaborative work. So it’s inconvenient for me to cross-post here. Based on the post history there, the articles are usually either a big metagame piece or a match (or series) specific review. What I do on TerranCraft is usually in between. I post about metagame in multiple different articles instead of a single big one, and I don’t often discuss about a specific match. No one wants to read a long metagame post in a blog, so I usually cover different perspectives and aspects of the metagame in multiple posts. This also allows me to constantly update this blog. The reason I don’t really like to discuss a specific match is that I find it quite limited in terms of value adding. There are many things that you can cover from opening to mid game timing to late game decision etc. There is a lack of focus. Thus, I always keep track of the metagame and post topics based on many games.

I will continue posting here of course.

taeja clap1

HvG Team League

I was playing under the clan tag of SCS (SSEAS) in the HvG Team League in recent months. Yes, that’s the same clan tag as livibee. I’ve been asked often.

It’s just a casual team league in SEA/Oceania. SCS won first in the end(hooray!), but I lost my game in the final. I just played so poorly that I kept getting supply blocked when I wasn’t even harassed. To make it worse, I didn’t get an upgrade but I thought I did. I engaged poorly as well. Everything was wrong. =(


I will be travelling around in these few months.

November: Sydney – Singapore
December: Singapore – Hong Kong
January: Hong Kong – Singapore
January: Singapore – Sydney
February: Sydney – Melbourne
February: Melbourne – Sydney

I won’t be playing Starcraft for a long time since I won’t have my keyboard and mouse with me. Not that I am going to miss it that much due to the map pool.

In the meantime, I will be working on my research, having fun with girlfriend, watching vods and playing luckstone. (And… blogging…)

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