Feedback and improvement


I have plans to improve the site based on the feedback I have received.

First, thanks for the feedback.

Make videos

I can understand the rationale behind this recommendation. Unlike Chess, Starcraft requires execution technique. Execution itself is an important aspect of the game that differentiate the better players. So, it is not just about writing notations. Videos definitely can help me to express certain ideas better than writing alone. To a certain extent, writing being the only form of communication restricts the type of content I can deliver.

However, I am not comfortable showing my face and speak about the game in a video. I don’t have the equipment too. If I want to spend the money to buy it, probably I will spend it on getting a domain first. no more (remove the ads).

As of now, I don’t see it happening in the near future.

Cater for beginners

To begin, I never plan to make this site educational, but just set it as a platform to express my own view about the game. One main reason is that I don’t see myself as a good enough player to really give advice to others. I write with the mentality that it is to help myself organise my thinking and learning. If it helps others, great.

Someone mentioned that I should cater more for beginners as there will be many out there want to learn. Sure, I understand that. But I’m not sure how comfortable I am to put on the teacher hat and telling people this and that, what’s right or wrong. Quite often when I am asked about certain questions, I will just answer it directly through the same medium. I don’t really see the point of making a blog post on it. A friend said, “what you think is basic, may not be basic for others.” As a casual player, I will just take that as a compliment. But that also shows that there is more value to the content than I assume it to have.

How about making my own Bronze to Master series?

I don’t have plans to make videos. More importantly, I don’t see a reason to follow what others do. If you want to watch one, there are plenty out there. Interestingly though, this gives me an idea of writing some simple guides for beginners. No concrete plan yet, but it does seem like a good filler when there really isn’t anything to write.

Make money

I don’t earn a cent from this blog. The advertisement you see on this site is meant for wordpress’ operating cost.

People have suggested me to leverage the opportunity to earn some money. I can understand the optimism, but it is not easy to make it big enough for it to be worthy. I don’t want to shift my focus from simply enjoying the process to making a profit out of it. To post something meaningful consistently over a period of time (Terrancraft is more than 2 years old by the way) requires much dedication and time. If the purpose is to make money, then this project is definitely not worth my time and effort. I would have spent my time on other things that are more financially rewarding than this.

I was asked about donation. Thanks for the good will, but no thanks. Just leave a comment if you like it, that is more than enough.


Based on my observation, it seems to me that Terrancraft has little revisiting value. You read a post, and that’s it. You won’t come back until a new post is published. Basically, this is how most blogs work (I may be wrong), right? This links back to the earlier point that the content may have more value than I thought it has. I find many questions asked on reddit have been discussed here before, and in my opinion, what I wrote here is more comprehensive than short answers provided there.

Then, why don’t people just visit the posts?

Assuming one searches for answer before asking on forums, it may be because the posts here do not pop up as the top search results. Also, another way of looking at it is that, the documentation of the content is poor. Let’s use Liquipedia for example. If I have a question on something, I will probably search it there. The things that I search there clearly are things that I expect to be found there. Then, logically, this should be applicable here too. That is, Terrancraft can serve as one of the top few references on top of someone’s mind for certain content. Therefore, I will start a new tab on top with the documentation of useful posts. For example, the details of building placement for wall off, and other specific match up tips.

Share on forums

“Why don’t you share your posts on forums?”

I occasionally do, but rarely. Like I’ve said, my intention is for my own learning. I’m certainly more than happy if viewership increases, but I won’t sweat about it. So I only share certain things that I thought others may find it useful as well. Also, this self-promotion taboo discourages me to share.

Future improvement

To sum it all up, I will start documenting the useful posts on a new tap on top. This is going to take some time to dig back and filter through the 162 posts. I also need to think of an useful way to categorise them.

As for the guides for the beginners, I will need more time to think about it. These guides will be documented too.


I took some of the advice on board. The side bar on the right has been improved for easier navigation. The menu at the top has been improved too. The information tabs have been grouped together in the “About” menu.

Featured posts and top viewed posts are added to the side bar.


11 thoughts on “Feedback and improvement

  1. The part regarding “little revisiting value” is largely applicable to people who have been following from the start and hence have pretty much read all your posts. To generate “revisiting value” for new readers, like what you have identified, your blog’s presentation is the key.

    In addition to using Menu to organize your posts, the other obvious method is to have your “Popular Posts” and “Recent Post”s widget placed in a more prominent manner. From my point of view, your widget tab defaults to “Latest Comments”. As such, in one look, there is no obvious navigation point to another post on your blog. Do remember that for most new readers, the entry point is inside one of your posts and not the front page of your blog. You can think of it like a wiki walk – you want your readers to go from one article to another, so you have to make it easy and encouraging for them through your blog’s presentation.

    Good luck in the documentation. Cheers! :D

  2. I think you are going the right way for yourself. Maybe you could become a great youtuber or something like that, but I think you are doing very well with this blog style.
    There are enough others out there who are doing just that (EJK as you mentioned too).
    I mainly visit the site for build information because you are really, really good when it comes to game analysis. It needs a lot of work to rewatch one or two series and write down all of the important stuff and then put it together, so that it makes sense.
    It makes perfect sense that you focus on that, while you do not deliver technical advices that much (the hotkey entry besides).

  3. Thank you for making this site. I can’t express how much I appreciate the depth that these posts offer that sites like imbabuilds do not.

  4. There are some good ideas in there, but to be honest, I like what you do right now more than anything you have above. There are a lot of videos and content for teaching basic strats. I don’t know of anyone else who regularly posts analysis of new builds like you do.

    One suggestion I have for you is to stick a break in your posts so that people who use RSS readers (such as myself) actually visit the page to read the article rather than just reading it via RSS. It’s not going to be a turnoff for me from reading your stuff, and it will help you both to monetize (if you decide to do ads) and to track your traffic better

    1. It seems like my analysis is better received than I expect it to be, and I shall continue to do more of that.

      As for the RSS feed break, I’ve consulted a friend, who told me that I cannot do that for RSS code with the wordpress. At least not when I don’t pay I guess. But that’s a good suggestion if I plan to do ads in the future.

  5. Sorry for not being able to conttibute to the topic (mostly because what it is you have here is good enough for me),but i must say i learn alot from this site and most importantly it help me realise how in depth Sc2 mechanics can be down to the tinniest details.Makes me realise how beautiful Starcraft can be!Thanks alot! :`D

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