Review: MMA vs. Nerchio (WCS EU 2013 Season 3 Ro8)


With the win over Nerchio yesterday, MMA is almost certain to make it to Blizzcon 2013. MMA did live up to the “Terran hope” title by showing great execution and innovation. Game 1 and 3 are worthy of a post here.

Game 1: Yeonsu

MMA: 12/12 Reaper expand
Nerchio: 5:00 Roach warren on 2 bases

Based on MMA’s recent games (GSTL), he seems to prefer Reaper opening to command centre first in TvZ. His Reaper micro against Nerchio was crazy.

In general, a Reaper opening will transit into reactor Hellion map control with a third command centre behind it. MMA put down a tech lab on the factory, and this indicated that he wanted to get a tank out against potential all-in. However, MMA also put down a starport next to the factory for Banshee production. In my opinion, Banshee is so-so in TvZ even after the buff.

MMA reacted well after he scouted Nerchio’s roach warren at 6:15 with one Reaper and no 3rd hatchery with another. Reaper expand into reactor Hellions is very vulnerable to Roach timing. You only have two Marines, two Reapers and two to four Hellions, and they are no answers to Roaches. This is the reason why Terran players sometimes go for a Tank and some Marines before moving back to reactor Hellion.

The counter attack with Reapers was a great move, because they don’t add value by defending against the Roaches. Interestingly, MMA showed Nerchio the Banshee by attacking the Roaches. At the same time, MMA shifted back to the convergent point by getting a 3rd command centre and double engineering bay.

MMA’s next move was the highlight of this game. It is hard to defend an early 3rd on Yeonsu because of the rocks between the third and natural. The Banshee “prevented” the rocks from being taken down.


Simultaneously, MMA moved his Marines to kill the isolated third hatchery. #Mindblown


Clearly, MMA’s build was planned and not was improvised. I wonder how MMA’s Banshee build would have shaped up if Nerchio chose to do a normal 6:00 – 6:30 hatchery with Zerglings and Queens.

Game 3: Frost

MMA: 14 CC into reactor Hellion and 3rd CC
Nerchio: two bases Roach and Baneling all-in with Baneling speed

MMA scouted no 3rd hatchery by 7:30 and there is a Roach and a spine crawler at the natural. Intuition tells you that something is coming. The scan revealed everything.


MMA reacted by building five more bunkers (six in total), and started Marauder and Widow Mine production.


I often scouted all-in but I still lost. This is simply because I didn’t plan the defense well enough. Yes, I built bunkers and produced Marauders and Widow Mines.

MMA’s answer is to trade bunkers on the low ground for Banelings, while the top of the ramp is the main defensive line.


There is only one Marine in each of the front bunkers to draw Banelings. Without Banelings, it is hard for Zerg to break the top ramp with just Roaches. MMA did not pull Scvs to repair the front bunkers. The Widow Mines were not planted at the natural as they are most effective at the top of the ramp as the Zerg units would cluster the most at the ramp.

The focus was the top ramp.



The epic Widow Mine shot on the group of Banelings would not happen if the Widow Mines are planted at the natural.


And hell yeah, MMA is back.

What do you think?

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