2013 WCS Season 3 Statistics

WCS statistics

As usual I compile the stats for a new season of WCS and present them graphically. I have to wait for WCS America to confirm the final 32 players in the premier league before I can do it.




Protoss has the highest representation in each of the three regions. The main concern is with WCS Europe since the Protoss to Zerg ratio, the number of Protoss is more than two times the number of Zerg. The racial distribution is well balance for the other two regions.
WCS Korea Distribution

WCS America is like the mini Korea now.

A little off topic. Although changes are expected for WCS 2014, I doubt there will be region lock. The key reason is the carry over concept from season to season. You cannot region lock without upsetting the players who get carried over from the last season of 2013. For example, JaeDong gets top 8 in 2013 WCS America Season 3, are you going to move him back to 2014 WCS Korea Season 1? If you do, who fill up the spots left over in WCS America? Where do players from other regions get placed in WCS Korea? It is simply not practical.

It is even less practical to simply restart everything. That is, refresh the carry over system and all players have to re-qualify. This is even more impractical.

WOL GSL race distribution

People like this graph, but it is hard to fit every season nicely as the number expands. So I make one with just GSL from Wings of Liberty (above), and another one starting from the first season of WCS Korea (below). In the future, I may just do it for all regions.
WCS race distribution

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