Former Brood War Pros Retirement


There are quite a number of changes in the Starcraft eSports scene lately. STX SouL reforms and joins eSF as SouL. Change in KeSPA structure. China is starting to take off. Former Brood War Pros retire. I will just share my thoughts on the former Brood War pro retirement.

The three high profile players who retired recently are BeStJangBi and Bisu.


All three cited military service as the reason for retirement. As for those who do not know, Korean Males have to serve approximately two years of full time military service. BeSt (23), JangBi (24) and Bisu (23) have reached the age whereby they cannot defer their enlistment date much longer. It makes sense for them to retire now.

They just started a new game, Starcraft 2, which requires so much dedication that they cannot do much of anything else as pros. Given their military service liability, it is discouraging to train and get to the top. They do not have the time to benefit from the effort they spend on training. To a certain extent, I was surprised that the older Brood War pros did not retire when KeSPA switched to Starcraft 2 as that was the perfect time to retire. Perhaps KeSPA had arrangement with the teams and players to stay put for at least one more season to ease the transition.

Personally, I had served a two-year full time compulsory military service. Before I got enlisted, the very thing itself often bothered me. It was difficult to make plans, and the uncertainty could be disturbing. I can understand that these players just want to take a break before they put on a different set of uniform.

Don’t be surprised to hear more news of former Brood War pros retirement. Simply because now is the perfect time to retire.

Can someone tell Artosis to predict that more former Brood War pros will retire? That will make him the savior of Starcraft.

artosisI’m sorry. But I just can’t help it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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