Changes in TerranCraft


If you are a regular, you definitely notice TerranCraft has a new look. This is the 100th post of TerranCraft and I decided to make some improvements.

New look

I think the previous one is not that comfortable for the eyes. The previous one has a dark background with light words, while other major Starcraft community sites (e.g., Teamliquid and Reddit) are the other way round. Personally, I don’t feel comfortable when I switch between tabs with high contrast. This leads me to change to light background with dark words for easy viewing.


The sidebar on the right was too clustered as well with the categories, tags and links. The current design keep the side bar clean with minimum content. The contents that are used to be on the sidebar are now hidden at the top.


I added a new “feedback” page at the top. If you have any feedback, feel free to leave a comment there. The feedback tab also serves as a platform for readers to suggest topics that they wish me to write about (e.g., how to defend against Oracle). A list of useful links is in the “links” tab.


Categories, tags, archives, popular posts and comments are now minimised on the right. Just click on the respective tabs to navigate.

I will not be using category header images anymore as I think it does not exactly add much value. They get too repetitive as well. Now I will use independent header images.


I will stop Bulletin as it is not realistic for me to keep track of the games now. The original intention is to recommend watch-worthy games, but there are just too many games played everyday for me to filter.

The main content of the blog will continue to be the analysis and critique of the metagame and pro-matches.


I have accepted an invitation from GosuGamer to be their guest writer for Starcraft II (Example of my work). I want to thank Nydra for the opportunity to try out new things.

I have been asked how many people work on this blog. The answer is one. Just me.


I have received emails from readers that they appreciate my work. Thank you for the kind words.

I do not receive any money from this blog. Not even ads. Readers’ appreciation motivates me to keep up the quality and write more.

A shoutout to retrac1324 who always share my articles on reddit.

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