Bulletin: 12/07/2013


05/07/2013 – 12/07/2013




Bomber vs. MC

  • A good long battle at the point of contention (MC’s third).


FanTaSy vs. HerO

  • Important match for post season qualification.
  • A good come back.

INnoVation vs. JaeDong

  • How often do you see INnoVation gets outplayed convincingly in TvZ?

Flash vs. HammEr

  • A back and forth mech vs. mech.
  • HammEr is surprisingly good.

WCS Korea

INnoVation vs. Bbyong (game 1)

  • A good demonstration of TvT metagame on Star Station.

INnoVation vs. Bbyong (game 2)

  • INnoVation just does every metagame stuff better than other Terran, just like Sky in Human vs. Human.

Bomber vs. Flash (game 1)

  • Mass Hellions vs. Hellbat drop.

Bomber vs. Flash (game 2)

  • An interesting TvT approach by Bomber.

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