Hotkey Conflict Bug


I have experienced a hotkey conflict bug which I have yet found a solution to it. 

This is how it happened.

Yesterday, I wanted to try something out on a unit tester. I searched for “united tester” on the NA server and hopped into “OneGoal Unit Tester”.

I was alerted that I had hotkey conflict issue once the game started. Another warning popped up after I had left the game telling me that I had many unbound hotkeys. I tried to resolve it by going into the option. 

This is what I saw.

hotkey conflict

I tried the followings but they didn’t work.

  • Restore default
  • Change a hotkey profile
  • Create a new hotkey profile
  • Manually editing each hotkey

Apparently, there is a bug. For example, when I tried to manually edit the “morph Hydralisk” hotkey, the “morph Infestor” hotkey unbounded. Then, when I tried to edit the “morph Infestor” hotkey, the “morph Hydralisk” hotkey got unbounded. It just kept on looping. Obviously, I tried different hotkeys for them.

The Warp-In key had the same problem with another key. 

It doesn’t matter whether I toggle hotkey conflict or not, the problem persists.

I tried to use the default “standard” profile, it had this problem too.

Effectively, I cannot play Zerg and Protoss.

Leave a comment if you know how to solve this. Thanks.

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