2013 Season 2 WCS Groupings and Race Distribution

WCS discussion and statistics

At last, WCS America has finalised its groupings, and that allows me to tabulate the data.

So here it is, the statistics for 2013 Season 2 WCS.

WCS Korea

WCS America

WCS Europe

race distribution1

combined race distribution

WCS Korea Distribution

This may seem overdue as WCS Korea is moving to Ro16 after tonight. I do not have a choice but to wait for all three regions’ groupings.

The overall race distribution seems to be well distributed. Perhaps the only bump is the number of Zerg and Terran in WCS Korea. For the first time in the history of GSL (let’s not get technical with the term here), Terran is the least represented race.

Interestingly, although without much statistical meaning, the progression of Terran from Ro32 to Ro16 in WCS Korea is 100% now. Five out of the five Terran, INnoVation, Flash, Bbyong, Maru  andFanTaSy, who have played advanced to Ro16. Tonight, there is a good chance that at least one Terran will not advance to the next round.

The Koreans are slowly invading the world. The percentage of Koreans increases from 40.63% to 50% in WCS America, and 12.50% to 21.88% in WCS Europe. At least Jürgen will defend Europe against the Koreans.



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