2013 Season 2 WCS Korea Race Distribution

WCS statistics

The up and down matches for the 2013 Season 2 WCS Korea had completed today. For the first time in GSL history (WCS Korea), Terran is the least represented race.



2013 Season 1 WCS Korea is the first season for Heart of the Swarm. However, the 32 players were qualified based on their performance at the end of Wings of Liberty, and Heart of the Swarm has no direct impact on the qualification. Thus, the upcoming season is the first season that is based on the performance in Heart of the Swarm, albeit there are still some carry over effects from Wings of Liberty.

Zerg remains the dominating race with 14 players, while the number of Protoss players is increasing steadily. The key talking point is the decrease in the number of Terran players. This is the first time that Terran is the least represented race in the prestigious Korea Starcraft league. It is important to note that the data is affected by the fact that many Koreans leave the league to play in other regions. Quite a number of notable Terran players leave Korea, for example, Taeja, Mvp, ForGG, Ryung and aLive. The most obvious loss is Taeja who you will bet your money to be in the premier league. Mvp and ForGG will not have make it to the premier league in the upcoming season should they decide to compete in Korea. Ryung and aLive are the only two players who could possibly make it to premier league, if they win their way from the challenger league. Thus, Terran being the least represented race in the Korea league still warrants attention.

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