Season 1 WCS Final Statistics

WCS statistics

With the conclusion of the three regional finals, the final sixteen players will play in the Season 1 WCS Final this weekend in South Korea. Here are some of the statistics for the tournament.

Please note that Korea has one additional spot because the season final is hosted in Korea.

WCS Season final

The groupings are not announced yet. I am not sure if it is done by seeding or draw lots. It is difficult to distribute sixteen players from three regions into four groups. Anyway, here are the race distributions.



50% of the players are Zerg. Statistically, Zerg is the dominating race now. Apart from WCS America, the racial representation is not well distributed. There is no Protoss representative from WCS Europe, while WCS Korea has a Zerg heavy line up. Interestingly, each race has won a regional final.

Nowadays, you just cannot talk about WCS without  mentioning about Korean dominance.

korean distribution

Like it or not, the Korean distribution is as expected. WCS Europe is the only region that has non-Korean representatives. Perhaps, having one non-Korean representative is something worth celebrating for the non-Koreans in the future.

Anyway, I want another Soulkey vs. INnoVation in the final. It is likely to happen unless they meet each other before the final.

What do you think?

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