Queen of Blades Cosplay


This is the best Queen of Blades cosplay I’ve ever seen. I was pondering if I should blog this. Apparently, I have to bow in front of Kerrigan’s psionic power.

The cosplayer is Tasha. With respect, I do not know her since I do not follow cosplayers.

All of the images are taken from her Facebook page. You can visit her blog here.

Click on image to enlarge.









3 thoughts on “Queen of Blades Cosplay

  1. While this is impressive, I wish she had portrayed a more menacing and badass attitude. The Queen of Blades leads a swarm that destroys worlds. She is nobody’s plaything.

    1. Based on her other photos, I guessed she doesn’t want to portrait herself that way. I’m really impressed by the hair and costume. They really looked like part of her body.

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