INnoVation’s TvZ timing

INnoVation advanced to RO8 of GSL Code S after taking down both Sniper and Polt.

What caught my attention is his TvZ build against Sniper.

He did the same build in the three games which he won 2-1 over Sniper.

Here is the build order (based on game 3):

10 – Supply depot
14 – Command centre
15 – Barrack
17 – Barrack
– Constant SCV and marine production
18 – Orbital command (main)
18 – Orbital command (when CC finishes)
21 – 2x refinery
25 – Supply depot
– Optional bunker
@100 gas – Factory
31 – Supply depot
@50 gas – Reactor on one barrack
@25 gas – Tech lab on the other barrack
– Build another supply depot when the last finishes (continue building supply depot accordingly)
– Research stim when tech lab finishes
– Swap factory to reactor
– Build another reactor with the barrack
38 – Command centre (@100% – upgrade to orbital command)
– Produce 4x hellion
– Build starport when the second pair of hellions are building
– Another 2x hellion (3 pairs in total)
– 2x refinery
– Swap starport to the reactor of the factory and produce 2x medivac
– 2x engineering bay
– Tech lab on factory
– Research +1/+1 and combat shield (when stim is done)
– Move out with Nx marines with stim + 6x hellion + 2x medivac
– Land the third command centre
– Transit to normal marine tank medivac play

The build order is really refined. It is basically a variation of the 14 CC of reactor hellion opening against zerg. Personally, I prefer to have 2x barracks before I get my gas in 14 CC build. The key point about his build is the 9:15 timing to move out with marines with stim, 3 pairs of hellions and medivac. With good micro, it is going to trade reasonably well since the timing hits before lair tech.

The only foreseeable problem with this build is roach. However, if the zerg does opt for roach, then the problem should not be not being able to deal damage with marine and hellion. The focus should be holding off the early aggression of roach attack. But then again, what else can you do other than bunker and repair?


What do you think?

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