NaDa retires


Starcraft legend, NaDa, announced his retirement on 19 June 2012.

NaDa’s message to his fans,

I wanted to apologize to my oversea fans, Complexity teammates, and everyone else involved that I had to retire early. I was not able to make it to an event due to military service issues, and my biggest regret is that I was not able to see you all one last time before leaving. Thank you for always taking care of and treating the players so well through online skype.

Due to my financial difficulty, current poor state of health, pending military issues, as well as some family issues, it is difficult for me to continue on. However, I feel the need to continue running towards my dream. One of my greatest qualities, in fact, is having big dreams.

I also hope that you will continue to cheer on my fellow Korean players in compLexity, because they are my kind-hearted, hard-working and lovable younger siblings. I also truly regret not having interacted more with the other players from overseas.

One thing I really noticed at Complexity was not only the importance of good scores, but the true family-like atmosphere which I loved. Thank you for taking good care of me, Jason Lake and Scott Ford!

I have one last thing I would like to say to my foreigner fans. It is a joyous thing that I am leaving. Why, you ask? Leaving is not a sad thing after all – because it’s just the start to a new beginning.

Thank you! Good bye .. I LOVE YOU MY FANS

Lee Yun “NaDa” Yeol

Although I did not follow Brood War, he’s my favourite player when I started Starcraft 2. When I was playing Warcraft 3, I followed WE.Sky closely. I analysed his every available replay to the extent that I can spot very minor changes and understand the rationale behind it. However, I do not have such a reference point when I moved to Starcraft 2. I had no idea who the players are, except BoxeR (Not MarineKing) and NaDa. Somehow I identify myself closely to NaDa, and I just don’t know why. Probably he has credibility because of his consistency in Brood War. Being one of the golden mouse winners, he’s arguably the most successful Brood War progamer of all time.

Until Flash put the final touches on the BW masterpiece he had been painting for the last two years there was little doubt in everyone’s minds who Brood War’s greatest player was.  With six individual league titles and ten finals appearances NaDa had blazed a trail nobody else could seemingly walk.  When discussing sheer dominance people could go back and forth over  iloveoov and  sAviOr, when it came to influence and inspiration BoxeR’s name would be thrown into the ring, but in terms of winning and consistent greatness nobody could match NaDa.

(Source: Acer Sport)

A comprehensive summary of NaDa’s progaming career.

Just two weeks ago, Flash showcased his Starcraft 2 skill in MLG. I was thinking that I can watch the Terran Bonjwa of different era of Brood War to battle it out in Starcraft 2. Although BoxeR announced that he will take a break from progaming because of his injury, I was really hopeful to see BoxeR, NaDa and Flash to play against each other.

Just when I was wondering when is BoxeR going to return, the news of NaDa’s retirement pop up out of no where.

I looked up Team Liquid forum after I saw the news on Twitter that NaDa announces his retirement. Despite there were signs that NaDa wasn’t active, I never expected him to retire all of a sudden. I’m sure the news shocked the whole Starcraft community too.

MC is outspoken as always.

I hope this isn’t the end of his progaming career. I hope that he will come back after he’s done with his military service just like BoxeR.

NaDa Fighting!

Genius Terran Fighting!

“One of my greatest qualities, in fact, is having big dreams.” – Lee Yun Yeol


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