Race distribution in Code S for GSL season 3 2012


The grouping of Code S for season 3 was concluded recently.

Below are the race distribution for the upcoming season.

(Image taken from TeamLiquid forum)

(Image taken from TeamLiquid forum)

Terran still has the highest race representation in the upcoming season. However, it is the most well distributed  season till now with a standard deviation of 2.08 (6.5%).

There are two GSL champions who did not make it to next season’s Code S (SlayerS_MMA and NSHO_Jjakji). SlayerS_MMA is in a slump, and he isn’t performing well in GSTL either. Another notable Terran player who is missing is ST.Bomber. He recently got 2nd in Redbull Battlegrounds, but his performance is rather inconsistent in GSL.

EG.Thorzain and Empire.Violet are invited due to their good performance outside Korea by winning the last Dreamhack and MLG respectively. Thorzain is in an interesting group which consists of three Terran players. His TvT is arguably his best match up, so he has a decent chance to get out of the group.

MarineKingPrime and ST.PartinG continue their rivalry in Group F, and I just can’t wait.

MarineKing Fighting!

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