Day[9] Daily #458 Midgame TvP


Recently, there is a post on Blizzard forum regarding the current state of TvP. There is a thread on regarding this statement by Blizzard as well.

The current TvP metagame has been generally being agreed that it’s favoring Prtoss, although statistics suggest that it’s close to 50% win rate for either side. The main argument revolves around the late game whereby Protoss seems unbeatable.

According to Blizzard’s statement, Terran has an advantage over Protoss in the early to midgame. I will agree with that general statement. However, the game is dynamic whereby early, mid and late game are interlinked. It is hard to identify late game as the problem for Terran by just looking at the late game.

The hypothesis of  “if both side just macro up without doing anything to each other, Protoss is better when maxed out.” is generally supported.

Subsequently, it makes sense that Terran has to deal damage in the  early to mid game. Terran should be the one attacking while Protoss is on the defense at this period of time. It is easier said to be done. Protoss can defend with force field at the front and position stalkers to defend drops in the main. It leads to the thinking of how to get ahead when Protoss is defending. This is what Day[9] Daily #458 is about.

Take away points from the videos:
(Assuming Protoss plays defensively and Terran is doing MMM.)

– Move out at the timing when two medivacs are out.

– The production facility should consist of three barracks (1x tech lab and 2x reactor) and one engineering bay at 10min. Then, get a third base before getting two more barracks, unless Terran plans to be extra aggressive in mid game.

– With three bases, Terran should have five barracks (3x tech lab and 2x reactor), one starport with reactor, two engineering bay (with armory)

– Do not drop more barracks after getting third, but go for ghost academy and second starport. Also, get the fourth, before getting more barracks. Terran can get away with being greedy at the midgame because  Protoss cannot punish Terran for it.

– Trade units in a way that it keeps the army small if possible.

– Deny or delay Protoss from taking fourth.

On a side note, what makes it difficult for Terran is that, Protoss can play offensive in the midgame. There are options of 4gate, 6 gate and 7gate. If Terran didn’t expect it, then Terran may just lose.

What do you think?

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